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J-KEM Robotics partners with research scientists to design one-of-a-kind science instruments which you can trust to perform their job flawlessly. We supply a variety of products and services including equipment, hardware, software, R&D, and methods development.

Our customers come to us with complex scientific problems and our goal is to provide solutions through state of the art lab equipment and custom robotics. We provide equipment to medical lab technicians, pathologists, phlebotomists, biologists, chemists, agriculturalists, and ecologists - just to name a few.

There are a variety of factors that must be controlled when working in a lab, ranging from pressure regulation to temperature control. We understand that the most important factors that go into designing the perfect robot are efficiency, accuracy and lab safety.

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This is a J-KEM dual element thermocouple. One of our custom scientific instruments


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A nice picture of our scientific instruments.


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Science instruments made by scientists. J-KEM Instruments designs products for scientist to use and understand.


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