• Robotics


    J-KEM Scientific manufactures custom robotics from simple, single-axis positioning platforms to 6-axis, multi-arm robotics that automate the most intricate processes. Every robot is customized to perform your unique procedure, and every user interface is implemented to your specifications.   We create robotics that automate weighing, fraction collection, sample analysis, extractions, dilutions, sample preparations, and real-time reaction analysis. We automate centrifugation, capping/uncapping, mixing, septum penetration, SPE, solid dispensing, and virtually any other action needed to automate one unique task. And, when we’re done, J-KEM is the only company that gives you a copy of the robot’s original source code.

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  • Custom Instruments

    Custom Instruments

    J-KEM Scientific makes one-of-a-kind, custom instruments to make your research easier and better.   We can help you transform your idea from a sketch on a piece of paper to an instrument on your lab bench. Call or email us to discuss your application.

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  • Fraction Collectors

    Fraction Collectors

    Fraction collectors are a special class of J-KEM Robotics.  We make custom fraction collectors from a simple machine that fractionates as a function of time to instruments that simultaneously collect samples from multiple experiments. Fractionation can be based on time, volume, external inputs, UV or other analytical measurement.

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  • Infinity Controllers

    Infinity Controllers

    The Infinity controller is the cornerstone of J-KEM’s custom instrument program, based on a completely new concept for lab automation instrumentation. The Infinity Concept After making custom instruments for 25 years, we know that it’s expensive and time consuming to make a custom instrument by assembling a single piece of custom hardware. The vision of the Infinity controller is to have a single, intelligent hardware controller that’s so versatile that it can be made into virtually any custom instrument by means of software. The novel concept of the Infinity controller is that new instruments are not made in hardware, but software. For example:

    • Connect a thermocouple to the Infinity controller, and it becomes a temperature controller.
    • Connect a pressure transducer to the Infinity-controller and it becomes a vacuum regulator.
    • Connect a stirrer, chiller, syringe pump, and vacuum pump to the Infinity controller and it becomes a reaction system that can emulate an entire manufacturing process.

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  • Reaction Controllers

    Reaction Controllers

    J-KEM’s Reaction Controller automates chemical development in your lab. The Reaction Controller simultaneously controls reagent addition, reaction temperature, stir rate, solution pH, and data logging of all reaction parameters through a single software interface. J-KEM’s reaction controller interfaces with other manufactures instruments to monitor or control turbidity, viscosity, dissolved oxygen levels,  and virtually any other parameter.

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