• Robotics


    J-Kem Scientific has a wide range of robotics products that you can use in your lab for several different solutions. These are robotics products that have been made by scientists for scientists. You no longer have to use a difficult interface, because a non-scientist developed the interface. What should be easy remains easy with products build by J-Kem. We have several other product categories which include temperature controllers and reactors.

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  • Custom Instruments

    Custom Instruments

    These are J-KEM's Custom Instruments.

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  • Fraction Collectors

    Fraction Collectors

    Custom fraction collectors for any research application


    • Collect to single or multiple racks
    • Fractions taken as a function of
      • Time or volume
      • Output from UV or other detectors
      • Input voltage
      • User-specified parameter
    • User-defined inputs/outputs to interface with other instruments

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  • Infinity Controllers

    Infinity Controllers

    The Infinity controller is the cornerstone of J-KEM’s custom instrument program, based on a completely new concept for lab automation instrumentation. The Infinity Concept J-KEM Scientific specializes in making one-of-a-kind custom instruments. After 25 years, we know that it’s very expensive to make a custom instrument by building a custom piece of hardware. The vision of the Infinity controller is to have a single, versatile hardware interface that can be made into virtually any custom instrument by means of software. The novel concept of the Infinity controller is that new instruments are not made in hardware, but software. For example: Connect a thermocouple to the Infinity controller, and it becomes a temperature controller. Connect a pressure transducer to the Infinity-controller and it becomes a vacuum regulator. Connect a stirrer, chiller, syringe pump, and vacuum pump to the Infinity controller and it becomes a reaction controller. Connect a syringe pump, oxygen sensor, and pH probe to the Infinity controller and it becomes a fermentation controller.

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  • Reaction Controllers

    Reaction Controllers

    The Reaction Controller automates the reaction process by controlling reagent addition, temperature control, stirring, data collection and any other required parameter through a single interface. It consolidates the control of various lab instruments such as recirculating chillers, stirrers, and pumps into a single graphical interface. Additionally, the Reaction Controller data log system parameters such as temperature and solution pH. Adding a syringe pump to the Reaction Controller provides all the functionality of J-KEM’s single syringe pump and automates the addition of multiple reagents to the reaction as a function of time, temperature, and pH. The genius of the Reaction Controller is that the user can change the sensors read (pH probe, thermocouple, etc.) and the instruments controlled (chillers, stirrers, pumps, etc.) as the user’s research needs change.

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