• Standard Vacuum Regulators

    Standard Vacuum Regulators

    No Mercury

    • 100% digital pressure entry and control
    • Regulates vacuums to ±1 torr
    • Wetted parts are 100% stainless steel and Teflon
    • Vacuum ramping feature eliminates bumping
    • USB communication


    • All organic solvents
    • Acids
    • Bases
    • Water

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  • Precision Vacuum Regulators

    Precision Vacuum Regulators

    Precise regulation of ± 0.1 torr in reactors and equipment with volumes as small as 1 mL. Precision, multi-stage vacuum distillations Automatically compensates for leaks in the equipment under test Maintains constant precise pressure even in systems with a continuous gas purge Twelve-step pressure ramps Customizable: Add temperature or pressure channels Custom programming for unique applications Define output events based on time, temperature, pressure Built from J-KEM's Infinity Controller, these instruments can be customized to automate virtually any laboratory or quality control task involving the regulation of vacuum or pressure. For applications requiring both evacuation and re-pressurization, a back-fill option is available.

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  • Digital Vacuum Monitor

    Digital Vacuum Monitor

    • Continuous display of system pressure
    • No regulation
    • Available in both 120vac and 230vac (CE approved)

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  • KEM-Net Software

    KEM-Net Software

    Included with all 200-Series temperature controllers and vacuum regulators

    Features: Run 16-step temperature and vacuum ramps Easy setup with Excel-like table input Enter setpoints and controller parameters remotely Real-timer graphical display and data logging to Excel GLP and GMP compliant Enhanced Lab Safety: Implements over, under, and band alarms

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  • Vacuum & Pressure Accessories and Add-Ons

    Vacuum & Pressure Accessories and Add-Ons

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