• Eclipse Robotics

    Eclipse Robotics

    Eclipse robotics are J-KEM's most popular series because of the large deck size, its modular design, the large number of instruments it interfaces with, and its affordable prices. The Z-arm supports multiple tools, such as grippers, septum-penetrating needles, cannula, pH and spectroscopy probes, and disposable tips. Every Eclipse robot is customized by incorporating on the deck just the modules needed to automate your unique procedure. Deck modules can include vial racks, analytical balances, bar code readers, vortexers, solid and solution phase reactors, and much more. J-KEM Amrist Eclipse The base price for an Eclipse robot is less than $30,000, and the final price is easy to calculate because it's just the base price plus the cost of the modules that are placed on the deck. If your process requires a balance, bar code reader, precision syringe pump, and vortexer, then the final price is the base price of the robot plus the cost of the instruments placed on the deck.

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  • Articulating Arm Robots

    Articulating Arm Robots

    4-Axis SCARA and 6-axis articulating arm robots perform intricate motions to load, pour, mix, or otherwise manipulate samples with the dexterity of a human hand.

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  • Endeavour Robotics

    Endeavour Robotics

    The Endeavour robot is one of J-KEM's most affordable series with professional features expected from high-end research robotics. An attractive feature of the Endeavour is its open deck which facilitates versatile customization and its compact size, allowing it to fit on any desktop. Key features of the Endeavor include:

    • accuracies of 0.002mm on all axes
    • high speeds (300 mm/sec)
    • programmable inputs/outputs (16 each)
    • simultaneous 3-axis motions
    • compact design
    The Endeavour is available in two deck sizes: 200 mm x 200 mm addressable space 400 mm x 400 mm addressable space Starting at $14,000

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  • Titan Robotics

    Titan Robotics

    The Titan robot is designed for applications that need sophisticated automation, but don't require all the features or modules that are available on other classes of J-KEM robotics. Titan Robots Are Built For Practicality Built with an eye towards practicality, the Titan robot is capable of performing a wide variety of intricate tasks reliably and with high precision. These functions include dispensing and sampling liquid samples with microliter accuracies, serial dilutions, cherry picking, sample preparations, filtrations, and weighing tasks.

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