• Loop Break Alarm Option

    Loop Break Alarm Option

    An optional feature for any controller is the addition of a Loop Break Alarm to guard against mistakes than can result in devastating heating accidents.

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  • Coolant Valve

    Coolant Valve

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  • Input/Output Option

    Input/Output Option

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  • Meter and Logging

    Meter and Logging

    This versatile meter provides convenient temperature readings from a variety of thermocouples. Two thermocouple inputs, large dual temperature display, data logging and automatic MIN/MAX temperature storage. Data can be logged to a PC in real-time, or after a run is complete.

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  • Adapters


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  • Connecting cables

    Connecting cables

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  • Heating Mantles

    Heating Mantles

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  • Thermocouples


    Temperature matters. Our thermocouple probes measure it. They connect to our controllers, some of which allow for .1° C temperature regulation. When they are connected to our monitors, they contribute to the safety and reproducibility of your operations. We have single element thermocouple probes in J,K, or T; dual element thermocouple probes available in J, K, or T; RTD (two wire) probes, needle tip thermocouples in J, K, or T; and thin wire thermocouples in J, K, or T. The single element, dual element, and RTD probes are available in stainless steel or with Teflon or glass coatings. The glass coating is only available for 1/4" inch diameter probes. If your desired length is not available to order online, please call to order. J, K, or T refers to the calibrated temperature range: J[black]: 0 – 800° C; K [yellow] -50 – 1200° C; T [blue] -200 – 250° C; (RTD: -200 – 400° C). For more information, check out our Thermocouple FAQ page.

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