A Peristaltic Pump with J-KEM’s software touch

J-KEM’s NEW peristaltic pumps are affordable, yet have features found only in the most professional grade pumps. Calibrated delivery rates, multiple serial communication options, and four run-time modes. Our exclusive ADD-BY-WEIGHT function available through our PeriPump software combines the pump with a precision balance resulting in addition accuracies better than ±0.1%

Real time control of all pump parameters, including speed, flow rate, and dispensing volume.

Models available with flow rate ranges from 0 – 12 L/min.

Four operating modes including continuous dispense, fixed volume dispense, fixed time dispense, and full remote control.

Serial communications include: RS232 and RS 485, digital and analog control.

Exclusive J-KEM Feature

Peristaltic pumps are versatile laboratory instruments, but even the highest quality pumps have 5 – 10% error in both delivery rates and total volume delivered. J-KEM is the first company to combine the versatility of a peristaltic pump with the accuracy of an analytical balance [sold separately] to achieve delivery accuracies with less than 0.1% error. J-KEM’s PeriPump software controls the rate of fluid delivery by monitoring the weight of fluid dispensed. The software then adjusts the pump’s actual flow rate to exactly meet the requested value or to deliver the exact amount requested.

PeriPump software

  • Allows pumps to deliver with analytical accuracy—less than 0.1% error
  • Monitors for broken tubing and other pumping errors
  • Has optional add-by-pressure feature which adjusts the flow rate of the pump to maintain a constant pressure at the pump’s outlet. Perfect for filtration rate experiments or any experiment requiring constant pressure.
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