Infinity Controller

The Infinity controller is the cornerstone of J-KEM’s custom instrument program, based on a completely new concept for lab automation instrumentation.

The Infinity Concept

J-KEM Scientific specializes in making one-of-a-kind custom instruments. After 25 years, we know that it’s very expensive to make a custom instrument by building a custom piece of hardware. The vision of the Infinity controller is to have a single, versatile hardware interface that can be made into virtually any custom instrument by means of software.

The novel concept of the Infinity controller is that new instruments are not made in hardware, but software. For example:

  • Connect a thermocouple to the Infinity controller, and it becomes a temperature controller
  • Connect a pressure transducer to the Infinity controller and it becomes a vacuum regulator
  • Connect a stirrer, chiller, syringe pump, and vacuum pump to the Infinity controller and it becomes a reaction controller
  • Connect a syringe pump, oxygen sensor, and pH probe to the Infinity controller and it becomes a fermentation controller.


J-Kem has the number one Infinity Controller on the market.

Technical Specifications:

Analog Inputs To read pressure, pH, temperature, ion and oxygen levels
Eight 24-bit inputs, collection rates from 1-64,000 points per second.
One 12-bit input
One 4-20 ma input.

Analog Outputs To control proportioning valves and instrument control
Two 12-bit analog outputs,
One 4-20 ma output

Digital Outputs To control valves, motors, instruments, and external signaling
Fourteen high current outputs,
Five PWM outputs
High voltage (120 Vac) outputs

Digital Inputs Reads the state of switches, sensors and external events
Sixteen digital, and high voltage inputs

Serial Communications To operate stirrers, balances, pumps, or virtually any lab instrument
Four serial ports (RS-232 & RS-485)

Infinity DLL Read, write, and process data from networks and 3rd party software
Connection to network databases and servers
Connection to Excel and other software
Control of all PC ports

The Infinity concept is to create custom instruments in software, similar to LabView, but with two significant advantages:

Better Hardware

Ultra-high resolution inputs, serial and digital interface components needed for laboratory and process control

Better Software

Written in and designed specifically for your application. Using the languages removes many programming limitations. J-KEM also releases the original source code…every software application truly becomes your custom software.


Add additional sensors, inputs, and outputs, connect new instrumentation, add software functionality as required by the changing needs of research.


Vacuum Distillation Controller

Regulates the vacuum in a distillation flask according to a 12-step pressure ramp. Monitors both pot and head pressures and adjusts distillation parameters to match a defined profile. Controls and monitors temperature at three process points. Real-time graphics, data logging, system alarms.

Titer Point Determination

A titer point is the exact opposite of a melting point and is used to determine the purity of fatty acids. The temperature at which a fatty acid crystallizes is a characteristic of its purity. The titer device removes energy (not temperature) from the sample at a controlled rate. As the sample crystallizes, the heat of crystallization causes a temperature rise. This peak temperature is the titer point. The Infinity controller regulates the rate of energy transfer, stirs the sample, and measures the titer point with 0.10 ° accuracy, then saves the data to a corporate server.

Peltier Reactor

Four independently thermostated reaction positions (-20 to 100°) using solid-state Peltier cells. Temperature ramping, data logging, real-time graphics.

pH Stat / Bioreactor

Regulates the temperature and pH in four independent reaction flasks. Add modules for nutrient addition, dissolved oxygen, stirring, air and solution recirculation, pressure control.

Precision Vacuum Controller

Control distillation rate by adjusting heater power input in order to maintain a constant differential pressure between the pot and takeoff head.


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