Circulating Chillers/Heaters

Precise temperature regulation at an affordable price

Optimized for use with our reaction blocks and other synthesis equipment. With both pressure and suction pumps, these circulators generate higher pumping pressures to provide rapid heating and cooling of attached equipment. All circulators have digital temperature entry, PID control for 0.1° regulation, and over-temperature protection. Serial communications and software allow for remote PC control and data logging.
Seamlessly integrates with our Infinity Controller as part of a larger reaction control system.

  • Dual pressure and suction pumps provide high coolant flow rates for rapid cooling
  • Intuitive programming
  • Large digital display
  • PC control and free software
  • High and low limit alarms

All Models: external temperature probe option; dual display of set point and actual bath temperature; serial communications via RS232 (control software included); UL, CSA, CE approved

Programmable controller: stores 10 programs of 100 steps each; additional serial communication via USB, RS485, ethernet; dual pressure and suction pumps; temperature stability 0.01° C

Advanced digital controller: additional serial communication via USB, RS485, Ethernet (control software provided); dual pressure and suction pumps, temperature stability 0.01° C

Standard controller: temperature stability 0.05° C

Choose from three (two for Standard) temperature ranges:

Fluid connection for all: 1/4 NPTF

*Standard Controller has -30 to 170 temperature range, with an 11 lpm flow rate

A B* C
temperature range -20 to 170 -30 to 200 -40 to 200
cooling power at 0 120 505 650
 at -10 75 390 540
at -30 90 190
pressure/suction pumps no yes yes
flow rate 11 lpm 20 lpm 20 lpm
bath capacity 7 liters 15 liters 15 liters
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