The Eclipse robots are J-KEM’s most popular series because of the flexibility of robotic deck sizes and the wide selection of instruments that can be automated with the Eclipse line. The Eclipse robot seamlessly integrates with balances, bar code readers, capping and uncapping stations, vortex mixers, sonicators and spectrometers, even solid dispensing modules.

Natural products analysis with vortexer, capping module, 2D barcode, and analytical balance

Examples of Eclipse Robots

J-KEM Scientific makes custom robotics designed specifically to meet the requirements of your automation project. Below are examples of custom robots presented only to show the wide variety and extensive functionality that the Eclipse Robot supports.

Vial filling station with built-in capping/decapping module and analytical balance

Solid Phase Synthesis automates up to 32 sequential reaction, including reagent addition, resin washing, and product cleavage steps. Compatible with all organic solvents and reagents including TFA.

Polymer analysis robot with capping/decapping and shaker stations involved the unique step of decanting supernatant solvent from a precipitated solid.

Sample preparation of highly viscose oil samples for ICP analysis. Includes heated sonicators, precise 300:1 dilution with internal standards, non-contact fluid level detection, the addition of four reagents documented by weight.

Solid dispensing workstation. Dispenses flowable solids to vials and microtiter plates with 1 mg accuracy.

Temperature controlled microtiter plate reactor with place washer.

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