J-kem’s Custom Cbd Cartridge Filler – Robot Spotlight

When deciding whether or not to purchase our CBD cartridge filler (CFR-420), keep in mind that J-KEM Scientific is the only company that absolutely, unconditionally guarantees to accurately dispense high viscosity materials to any cartridge every time or we’ll refund your purchase. These materials include 99% CBD, THC, or other botanicals. Does that sound over-the-top confident? Well, it’s because we are!

Engineered into the CFR-420 is all of J-KEM’s knowledge as a provider of sophisticated robotics for the pharmaceutical industry. The combination of precision components, attention to minute detail, and 25 years of experience results in its flawless performance.

CBD Cartridge Filler Key Features

The key component in our CBD cartridge filler is J-KEM Scientific’s patented high viscosity pump. The pump is made from 100% stainless steel and designed for high-pressure pumping which allows it to work at temperatures much lower (<55 °C) than other systems use. This helps minimize thermal degradation of the dispensed material. Another core component is the mobile filling needle, which starts at the bottom of the cartridge and then moves up at the exact rate the cartridge is filled. This helps conserve your product by preventing bubbles being trapped during the filling and causing the cartridge to overflow.

J-KEM Scientific’s temperature and vacuum controllers are optimized for vacuum distillation. The built-in power control computer regulates distillation temperatures with greater precision than any other controller.

Watch the Cartridge Filler in Action!

Which Industries Use This Custom Robot?

There are a variety of uses for our cartridge filler that spans across a few different industries. Other than the pharmaceutical industry, our cartridge filler has been widely used in the marijuana industry. You may see it referred to as a marijuana cartridge filler, THC cartridge filler or vape cartridge filler. As these industries grow, so does the demand for an innovative robot that does its job quickly and accurately — which is exactly what we have to offer! There are also numerous other industries that this custom robot may be beneficial for which we’re excited to unlock.

If you think that your research or lab could benefit from this custom robot, feel free to give us a call. We’d be happy to go over this custom robot’s unique abilities in further detail with you.