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    Everything Else

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    Sample Drying

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  • Lab Automation and Robotics

    Lab Automation and Robotics

    While others start from an existing design, then try to make your application fit their instrument, every J-KEM workstation is designed from scratch to perform your automation task efficiently and with an eye towards future expansion. J-KEM believes that you should not only own the instrument, but you should own the solution itself. That's why J-KEM is the only company that releases the original source code with every robot. When you own the robot but don't own the code, you're dependent on the manufacturer to make even the smallest modification to accommodate your changing research needs. J-KEM believes if you own the robot, then you should own the power to control it.

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  • Lab Safety

    Lab Safety

    Lab Safety is always the highest priority in every lab that you are in. If it's not then you are probably in the wrong lab. Our  controllers and monitors help make sure your lab is safe and remains safe. J-KEM Scientific develops tools for scientists from the point of view of a scientist.

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  • Temperature


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