Thin Wire Thermocouple


Flexible yet rugged thermocouples measure difficult to reach spots such as inside heating mantles, ovens, or around curved surfaces. Also useful for measuring volumes as small as 100µL.

Adhere to equipment to measure surface temperatures of hot plates, HPLC columns, photolysis or other reactors.


30 gauge

36″ long

Completely sealed in Teflon for submersion in solution. Excellent for use with small volumes (<100 µL). Inserts through rubber septum for airtight seal.

Exposed Junction

30 gauge

72″ long

Ideal for rapid temperature measurement of solids, air, or heating mantles. Not suitable for liquid contact.
The Teflon coating on these thermocouples cannot be heated above 190° C

The temperature range desired determines the probe/thermocouple type:

J [black] (0 – 190° C)
K [yellow] (-50 – 190° C)
T [blue]  (-200 – 190° C)


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