Model HCC Built-in backup controller high power


Designed for processes requiring uncompromising safety. The only temperature controller available with a built-in independent backup controller to guard against heating accidents from equipment failure. The desired temperature is entered into the main temperature controller which regulates heating, and then a high temperature cut-off is entered into the backup limit controller. If the reaction reaches the high temperature limit or a thermocouple breaks, power is turned off to the heater until the controller is manually reset. Both meters independently monitor the reaction temperature. In the event that one meter fails, the other takes over to prevent a heating accident. J-KEM’s design provides independent 100% redundant control.

Use to power large scale equipment with volumes up to 100 Liters. Built with the same uncompromising commitment to safety as our Model 270, the HCC is available in 3 models for 120 or 230 volt operations. Incorporates a 100 hour digital timer to turn heating OFF (or ON) at a user set time. Readily customized to meet unique research or additional safety needs. (Contact us for details.)

Contains J-KEM’s patented power control computer which provides 0.1° regulation of anything.

Need even more control? Add the KEM-I/O feature: an input/output option that allows your controller to operate external devices like valves and stirrers with digital inputs/outputs.

Need even more safety? Add the loop break alarm feature: guards against user error during reaction set up.

Warranty: 1 Year

The temperature range desired determines the probe/thermocouple type:

J [black] (0 – 800° C)
K [yellow] (-50 – 1200° C)
T [blue]  (-200 – 250° C)


Inquire about NRTL approval.

Academic and volume discounts are available.

5/5 (4 Reviews)
Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 12.5 × 12 × 5.5 in