About J-KEM’s Kugelrohr Short Path Distillation System

Distillations – Sublimations – Sample Drying
  • Distill heat-sensitive compounds
  • Mildest distillation method
  • Programmable stirring rate and angle of rotation
  • 10mL to 2L flask capacity
  • Connection for high vacuum distillations

Quickly distills or sublimates sensitive materials with minimal hold-up and loss. A Kugelrohr thin film evaporator works by continuously rotating the distillation flask to create a thin film of test material over the interior surface of the heated flask. The large surface area of the film promotes rapid volatilization under mild conditions. Once volatilized the test material is rapidly condensed in the receiving flask only inches away, which is typically submerged in a dry ice bath.


  • Air oven temperature to 220° C
  • Top loading for easy access, with a clear cover for continuous monitoring
  • Digital temperature control
  • Digital stirring module controls stirring speed and angle
  • Flask sizes from 10mL to 2L
  • Stainless steel, seamless oven contains spills
  • Advanced PID temperature controller
  • Grounded oven prevents electrical shock


  • Temperature range: ambient to 220° C
  • Power: 120Vac
  • Heater: 600 watts
  • Oven size: 10x10x10 inches
  • Stirring Drive size: 10x4x3 inches
  • Rotation speed: 35 to 110 degrees/second
  • Rotation angle: ±5 to ±140 degrees


Complete setup consists of:

  • Hot Air Oven to heat the surface of the reagent flask uniformly.
  • Stirring module with 14/20 or 24/40 vacuum adapter to continuously create a thin film of test material in the distillation flask.
  • Stirring module base to position stirring unit.
  • Distillation flaskround bottomed flask inside oven that the crude mixture is placed into.
  • Lab Jackto adjust the height of the cooling bath.
  • Receiving bulbcollection flask that the purified product is condensed into.

Optional items:

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