KEM-Lab Parallel Reactors


Compact ♦ Convenient ♦ Precise Temperature Control

The perfect tool for synthesis, formulations, incubations

Three styles of reactors: Heat, Heat and Cool, Reflux

An ideal addition to a research laboratory.

  • Compact design minimizes bench space
  • Temperature ramping
  • Temperature range -80 to 130 °C
Number of vials per reactor:
Reactor Type Vial Size Number of Vials
Heated/Heated and Cooled 2mL 24
Heated/Heated and Cooled 4mL 24
Heated/Heated and Cooled 8mL 20
Heated/Heated and Cooled 16mL 15
Heated/Heated and Cooled 20mL 12
Reflux 2mL 18
Reflux 4mL 16
Reflux 8mL 12
Reflux 20mL 6


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