Personal reaction station


MedChem Synthesis in a Parallel Format

The Personal Reaction Station has every feature needed for lead development and high throughput applications. The reactor provides precise temperature control, powerful magnetic stirring, and an inert atmosphere for each reaction tube. Reactions are run in 50mL glass tubes that fit inside a heated and cooled reactor base. Six built-in magnetic stirrers provide uniform stirring even for viscous and heterogeneous reactions. A reflux condenser plate surrounds the midsection of each reaction tube, providing for a continuous reflux with no cross contamination or solvent loss. Reactors connect to an inert gas manifold through separate needle valves and quick disconnect fittings, allowing individual reactors to be removed without disturbing the atmosphere in other reactors. All reactors have Teflon septum needles ports for adding reagents and for sampling the reactor‘s content.

Choose 120 or 230 Vac.
Purchase with or without the Digital Temperature and Stir Rate controller.

Customization available. Contact us.

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