Fraction Collector

Custom fraction collectors for any research application

  • Collect to single or multiple racks
  • Fractions taken as a function of
    • Time or volume
    • Output from UV or other detector
    • Input voltage
    • User specified parameter
  • User defined inputs/outputs to interface with other instruments
Fraction Collector for 20mL and 40mL vials
Custom program collects from continuous solvent stream for 10 minutes every 2 hours. Collect samples from the beginning, middle and end to detect peaks.


Septum penetrating needle dispenses to both capped and open mouth vials
The Endeavour model’s affordable price makes it a perfect “intelligent fraction collector.” Program it to collect fractions based on any input parameter or collection sequence. For example: “place the leading and falling edge of a peak in one common test tube, but place the center cut of each peak into a GC vial for analysis” or “Collect each peak to a single tube. After the fractionation process is done, go back and transfer 1mL of each collected peak to a GC vial for analysis”.
Measure flow rate and total volume
Eight parallel racks form independent fraction collectors servicing eight chromatography columns simultaneously. Sensors measure the total volume eluted from each column, then fractionate specific volumes into specific tubes. Built-in waste station disposes of unwanted segments of the solvent stream.
Fraction Collector for 12 titer plates

Fraction collector with 12 independent parallel racks
Radiation hardened to fractionate radioactive lanthanides. Measures the volume of collected samples.
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