Motorized Lab Jack – Robot Spotlight

Our president, Bob Elliott, demonstrates one of our custom robots – Solid Dispensing Robot.

For those who aren’t familiar with the process, dispensing solids is an extremely difficult task, and is, in most cases, unsuccessful in automation. One of our customers approached us with a solid dispensing task. We immediately set to work on trying to construct a custom robot that would automate their task successfully. Our work resulted in the Solid Dispensing Robotic that you see here, and in this case, the solids are very well behaved.

You’ll notice in the video that this J-KEM custom robot automates the process of dispensing the solid into Four-milliliter vials. The solids are dispensed with a maximum error of one milligram.

If you have a solid that needs to be dispensed (or any other automation need!), contact us.

Solid Dispensing Automation In Action


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