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Programmable Syringe Pumps


J-KEM’s two syringe pump systems share many of the same features but differ in several important ways that may make one system better suited for your application.

The SYR-1200 has its own syringe pump controller allowing it to be used as a stand-alone instrument.

The SYR-1200-PC requires a PC for operation.

Both are available as either single or dual position.

Both use the same pump module, syringes, distribution valves and other accessories. This means that both systems provide identical performance in regards to flow rate range and accuracy.


  • Sizes: 10 μL to 50 mL
  • Glass & Teflon wetted parts
  • Dispense resolution is 1/48,000 of the syringe size in use
  • Easily interchangeable


  • Stall detector


  • With 3 to 8 program selectable ports
  • All wetted Teflon parts

Optional I/O

  • Use external inputs to start/stop flow, change flow rate, or port position.
  • Control external valves or other devices under program control.





The SYR-1200 is operated from its own computer controller which means that a PC is not required for operation.  The controller stores and recalls the various programs and has a keypad for user input and a screen to display the experiment's progress.


Standard Programs

The syringe pump controller has the most common and useful pump applications loaded into permanent memory. 

Program 1.  Timed Addition   Sequentially adds up to 16 reagents to a single or multiple reactors at user specified rates.   The syringe automatically primes and refills with the active reagent as needed.

Program 2.  Program Loader   Use KEM-Commander PC software (included) to construct a custom syringe pump program in a drag-n-drop visual environment.   Program Loader then uploads that program to nonvolatile memory in the syringe pump controller.   Once stored in the controller, the program can be run at any time with no PC needed.  Construct programs for parallel reactions, filling titer plates, washing, or any custom application.

Program 3.  PC Control  Places all functions of the syringe pump under PC control.   Useful for robotic applications or when part of a larger automated reaction system.

Program 4.  Custom  At no additional charge, the user can specify a custom syringe pump program.  This program is written by J-KEM and stored as one of the permanent programs.

Program 5. Update Manager  Allows new or updated programs available from J-KEM via email or web, to be uploaded into permanent memory.

Program 6.  Concurrent Addition  (SYR0-2200 only) Adds two reagents in parallel to a common reaction at two independent rates.

Program 7.  Serial Dilution  (SYR-2200 only) Repeatedly dispenses two reagents in a user specified ratio.


Custom Programs

J-KEM offers to write one custom program and load it into permanent memory at no additional charge.


Creating New Programs

The SYR-1200 comes with a free PC application called KEM-Commander.   With KEM-Commander, sophisticated script-style programs can be built in a drag-n-drop environment that can then be run from the PC. KEM-Commander programs can be thousands of commands long. Examples of script commands are shown below:

Port (1) Go to valve port 1
Fill() Fill the syringe
Rate(12.0) Set rate to 12mL/min
Dispense(100.0) Dispense 100 uL
DelayMS(500) Delay 500ms
Withdraw(2500.0) Withdraw 2.5 mL
Home() Empty the syringe




The SYR-1200-PC is operated from your PC and is the most versatile syringe pump available. Programs are stored and recalled, and the experiment's progress is displayed on the PC.


Standard Programs

Comes with KEM-Pump graphical control software that runs the syringe pump module.   KEM-Pump implements all of the standard programs of the SYR-1200 plus additional programs for serial and multi-reactor reagent additions. Unlike any other syringe pump, KEM-Pump is an open source code application that allows researchers with programming experience to create their own applications without limitations.

Pre-written applications include:

Timed Addition   Adds a single reagent (any volume) to a single reactor at a user specified rate

Multi-Step Timed Addition   Adds up to 16 different reagents, independent volumes and rates to a single reactor

Multi-Reactor Addition   Adds a single reagent to 1-7 different reactors at independent rates and volumes

Program Builder   A drag-n-drop application, for non-programmers, to build sophisticated pump programs


Custom Programs


J-KEM offers to write one custom program and add it to your copy of KEM-Pump at no additional charge.


Creating New Programs


New programs are created by adding your code to J-KEM's open source syringe pump application, "KEM-Pump" written in Microsoft's VB.Net.   Fro researches with programming experience, the versatility of the syringe pump system is limited only by your imagination. KEM-Pump contains high level functions that provide intuitive access to every syringe pump feature.   Using these functions virtually any syringe pump program can be created in a matter of hours.   For research without programming experience, one of the screens in KEM-Pump builds new syringe pump programs by dragging commands to a script-style command list.   KEM-Pump also has an intuitive graphical interface that displays the status of a running experiment in real time.

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