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Robotics Overview

Robotics Overview

Polymer Compounding Robot

Modules: 4-Temperature zone reaction block, balance, bar code reader, heated & cooled reagent block, cooled 4-position sonicator, precision syringe pump with 16 reagent ports, 6-zone temperature controller, and needle wash station.


Advantages of J-KEM Robotics

Custom Design

While others start from an existing design, then try to make your application fit their instrument, every J-KEM workstation is designed from scratch to implement your automation task efficiently and with an eye towards future expandability. J-KEM’s experience in lab automation, including temperature control, reactor design, fluid delivery, solid and solution phase synthesis is invaluable when optimizing the design of custom robotics.

You Own the Solution

J-KEM believes that you should not only own the instrument, but you should own the technology that created the instrument. That’s why we are the only company that releases the original source code with every robot. This gives you the power to change every aspect of the robot’s operation as your automation needs change.

Personal Service

J-KEM is committed to personal service, offering any support that’s needed to assure the successful integration and productivity of our automation solutions. With one phone call, you can talk to the engineer who designed your robot, the engineer who installed it, and the software engineer who wrote the program.


J-KEM’s custom robotics are often half the price of other companies’ “one-size-fits-all” alternative. While many of the modules on a workstation are standard J-KEM products, we also use the best available instruments like balances, bar code readers, and pumps to assemble the final workstation in the most affordable and efficient manner.

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Custom Software

Custom software is written for every workstation to provide an intuitive user interface. The procedure’s setup, the way data is read into and out of the program, and the exact sequence of program steps are all customized to make the operation of your robot both efficient and user friendly.

Why is it important to own the original source code?

Without the source code, you’re stuck with the robot you have rather than the robot you need as your automation needs change. For example, suppose the robot’s original task was weighing and dissolving samples to specific concentrations, but now you need it to add reagents to 4 mL septum vials in a temperature controlled reactor with mixing. In most cases you’d need to purchase a new robot. Even for small changes, if you don’t own the original source code, then you’re 100% dependent on the company who does. J-KEM offers ongoing software support for all of our customers. But still, to own the tools that place you in control of your own workstation is invaluable.

It’s not really enough to own the code if it’s not easy to use.

Written in VB.Net, the robotic software contains intuitive, high level functions that make understanding or modifying your code easy. Consider this example that weighs every vial in a 96 vial rack.


For Vial = 1 to 96
   Rack.MoveToCell(XY, Vial)
   Balance.MoveToCell(XY, 1)
   MyWeight = Balance.Weight()